Sugar Cane 66 Model, 47 Type II re-stock!!1

December 18th 2011

Hello from RHD!!! Just in before Xmas time, Sugar Cane 1966 Model Made in U.S.A and Sugar Cane 1947 Type II model is back on full stock!!! Don’t miss out this time!!!

Samurai Jeans SO610LX-RR

December 12th 2011

Samurai Jeans made by Japanese Hand. Made in Osaka, Japan. SO610LX-RR 15oz.
Straight cut low rise right hand twill Japanese selvedge jeans. Samurai unique “Katana Selvedge” which has steel wrapped yarn to make silver selvedge represent Samurai swards. Black back pocket stitch which called “Kagemusha stitch”. Samurai Jeans original logo jacquard pocket fabric. “御行無常” embossed hidden rivets. Samurai Jeans original “Sunrise Top button” which shows the picture of Japanese sunrise with JAPAN’S FINEST mark around the sun. Limited Edition Upside-down “A” on red tub.

New 3 over 1 shorts just in!

December 7th 2011

Duck and Flower Printed cotton shorts just in at RHD!!